Elizabeth Hurley, 56, Poses on a ‘Sunny Island’ in a String Bikini While Teasing Her New Movie

“#Fatherchristmasisback…again 😘,” she wrote.

  • Elizabeth Hurley teased her new movie while posing in a turquoise bikini in a new Instagram photo.
  • “Filming on a sunny island has its pros #newmovie,” she wrote.
  • The actress implied that she’s filming a sequel to her 2020 holiday comedy Father Christmas Is Back.

    Action! After an acting hiatus that consisted of quarantining and recovering from an ankle injury, Elizabeth Hurley is back on set. And she seems pretty happy about it. In a new Instagram, the 56-year-old updated her fans during a filming break in which she lounged in a turquoise bikini.

    “Filming on a sunny island has its pros #newmovie,” she captioned the post. She added the hashtag “#fatherchristmasisback…again 😘,” which refers to her holiday comedy, Father Christmas Is Back. Although nothing official about a sequel is out yet, the model implied that a part two is in the works.

    Fans and followers were excited by the news and, of course, loved Hurley’s bold, confident pose. “Incredible! Sending ❤️” one person commented. “A goddess!!! 🔥🔥🔥,” another added. “Bedazzled 2 is necessary,” another wrote, referring to her 2000 rom-com in which she starred alongside Brendan Fraser.

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    The first Father Christmas film, released in November 2020, follows four sisters (Hurley plays one of them, Joanna) who reunite for the Christmas holiday and are met by their estranged father who abandoned the family decades prior. Needless to say, it makes for an interesting gathering. Perhaps this time around, the group is celebrating with a beach vacation—that might explain Hurley’s tropical attire.

    In February, the actress told her followers she was gearing up to work again by spending some time at VIVAMAYR Maria Wörth, a holistic luxury wellness resort in Austria. According to the resort’s website, its “personalized health concept” promises to help visitors “find your way to long-term health and a new quality of life” with the latest medical technologies and modern Mayr medicine.

    “I tore the ligaments in my left ankle whilst filming in the Caribbean in November. Lying on the sofa for two months, followed by a month of limping around in an air boot, meant that I basically became a slug,” Hurley wrote. “I don’t weigh myself but my jeans were objecting violently to being done up so something had to be done.”

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    The experience seems to have gone well. She shared a few updates along the way. “Detox, physio, infusions, and footbaths going swimmingly at @vivamayrmariawoerth,” she captioned one post. In another, she proudly modeled a cropped tank and leggings. “Helllooooo from @vivamayrmariawoerth ❤️❤️❤️❤️,” she wrote.

    It looks like the Runaways star may have spent most of the month filming on the undisclosed island, as she shared a separate beachy bikini pic on April 11 in which she posed with “magnificent” starfish.

    “Found these magnificent starfish, alive but stranded, on the beach,” she wrote. “They’re now happily back at the bottom of the sea ❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

    We can’t wait to see exactly what Hurley has been working on. Until then, we’ll keep checking her Instagram for updates!

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